What is PN532Killer?

PN532Killer is a PN532 emulator and it comes with faster emulation and higher processing speed. It supports operating the tag in ISO14443A type which includes Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight, and NTAG, also ISO15693 which includes iCode. Besides, it also supports sniffing the communication of ISO14443A and ISO15693.

Key Features

Advanced Reader

It is compatible with PN532 software and supports more features.

Tag Emulator

ISO14443A – MIFARE and ISO15693 – iCode tag emulation.

NFC Sniffer

Sniff communication for both MIFARE Classic and ISO15693 Protocol.

UART Configuration

Optimizable speed for data transfer for better performance.


Support connections with both USB and Bluetooth 4.0 for all platforms.


Support extended with LF antenna, screen, or Bluetooth module

Frequently Asked Questions

What can PN532Killer do?
  1. Emulation as a PN532 chip for open sources libraries supported.
  2. Standard card reader for all platforms supports
  3. Sniffing communications from original tags
What kind of tags do PN532Killer can emulate?
  1. ISO14443A Tag
    • Mifare Classic 1K
    • Mifare Ultralight
  2. ISO15693 Tag
    • ICode
Why do we start PN532Killer?

The performance of PN532 with nested attack performance worst.

How can PN532Killer recover keys?
  1. Nested attack
  2. Hardnested – 2x speed of collecting nonce than PN532
  3. mfkey32v2 – Sniffing without original tag
  4. mfkey64 – Sniffing with original tag
  5. Darkside – coming soon
  6. StaticNested – coming soon
  7. Relay attack – coming soon
Support Flash Firmware on the phone

Now MTools App supports DFU(Device Firmware Update) for PN532Killer. It’s super easy to upgrade to the latest firmware on the

PN532Killer Tools V1.0.0 for Windows

We’ve released the V1.0.0 version of PN532Killer Tools for Windows. The available features include Tag Emulator and Sniffer for Mifare

Support Working Mode

The working mode of PN532Killer can be set to Reader Mode, Emulator Mode, and Sniffer Mode by UART commands. It

ISO15693 Reading Writing & Emulating

The latest firmware of PN532Killer can read and write the ISO15693 Tag.

Add support to MTools App

Compatible with Android App Customize PN532Killer interface name Optimize libnfc communication Speed up 20% – 30% on writing sectors Time

Decoding Parameters Adjustment

To improve performance, we have adjusted the decoding parameters to increase the read/write distance and reduce the bit error rate.

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