Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we start PN532Killer?

The performance of PN532 with nested attack performance worst.

What can PN532Killer do?

  1. Emulation as a PN532 chip for open sources libraries supported.
  2. Standard card reader for all platforms supports
  3. Sniffing communications from original tags

How can PN532Killer recover keys?

  1. Nested attack
  2. Hardnested – 2x speed of collecting nonce than PN532
  3. mfkey32v2 – Sniffing without original tag
  4. mfkey64 – Sniffing with original tag
  5. Darkside – coming soon
  6. StaticNested – coming soon
  7. Relay attack – coming soon

Does PN532Killer support Felica?

Not yet, currently we have confirmed the communication at 106Kbit/s. The communication speed at 212/424Kbit/s has not been verified yet.

Does PN532Killer support ISO14443B?

We’ve made a demo on AD15N to read the China ID Card chip which is ISO14443B. The PN532Killer will support this card type.