Software Downloads

PN532Killer simulates and expands the communication protocol of PN532, so it is fully compatible with PN532 software. At the same time, to meet the performance improvement, we have also developed and customized Windows software for better performance output.

PN532Killer Tool

Windows Program to recover keys from mfkey32 or mfkey64.

Android App

Compatible with Apps that support PN532 such as MTools, and RFID Tools.

iOS App

Coming soon with BLE extensions.


PN532Killer supports firmware upgrading for more features and functions.

  • Reader Mode: ISO14443 & ISO15693
  • Tag Emulator: Mifare Classic 1K & ISO15693 ICODE SLIX
  • Sniffer Mode: Mfkey32v2 & Mfkey64 Sniffing

Firmware Update Tool

  • Ad15xUpdateTool – Flash the bin file type firmware
  • CH34X Driver – Install EXE on Windows if the driver is missing