PN532Killer project is a whole new project on the Tag emulator and reader on the AD15N chip.

Beginning in December 2023, our team initiated the PN532Killer project, developing both hardware and software aspects. By early 2024, we had introduced significant functionalities and system upgrades. By April 2024, we made additional performance improvements.

Support Flash Firmware on the phone

Now MTools App supports DFU(Device Firmware Update) for PN532Killer. It’s super easy to upgrade to the latest firmware on the go.

PN532Killer Tools V1.0.0 for Windows

We’ve released the V1.0.0 version of PN532Killer Tools for Windows. The available features include Tag Emulator and Sniffer for Mifare Classic with Mfkey32v2 and Mfkey64.

Support Working Mode

The working mode of PN532Killer can be set to Reader Mode, Emulator Mode, and Sniffer Mode by UART commands. It can be configured even if you don’t use the LCD extension for changing the settings. [video width=”2322″ height=”1630″ mp4=”https://pn532killer.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2024/05/Control-PN532Killer-on-MTools.mp4″ loop=”true”

ISO15693 Reading Writing & Emulating

The latest firmware of PN532Killer can read and write the ISO15693 Tag.

Add support to MTools App

Compatible with Android App Customize PN532Killer interface name Optimize libnfc communication Speed up 20% – 30% on writing sectors Time cost of writing 16 sectors PN532: 1272 ms PN532Killer: 913ms The average speed of PN532Killer is about 20-30% faster than

Decoding Parameters Adjustment

To improve performance, we have adjusted the decoding parameters to increase the read/write distance and reduce the bit error rate.

PN532Killer Tool-Sniffer Cracking Software – Windows GUI Version

We are delighted to announce the completion of the first Windows GUI version of PN532Killer Tool-Sniffer sniffing cracking software. This includes the implementation of the card-present sniffing function and mfkey64 cracking.

Functionality Switch between Simulating PN532 & Card

Our system now efficiently switches between simulating PN532 and simulating card functions.

Testing Branch for Antennae & Signal Quality Inception

A new testing branch focusing on assessing antennae and receiving channel signal quality has been instituted.

Cardless Sniffing Function Implementation

We’ve successfully implemented the cardless sniffing function and verified mfkey32v2 cracking within our system.

Upgrade to PN532Killer-V1.1 with Integrated CH343P USB2UART Chip

Our new PN532Killer-V1.1 version hardware with integrated CH343P USB2UART chip successfully supports a higher baud rate, elevating the UART baud rate from 115200 to 460800. This upgrade also doubled the nonce collection speed in HardNested cracking mode.

Implementing Nested Cracking Technique

The technique of “know one secret, crack all secrets” from MifareOneTool, also known as Nested Cracking, has been successfully implemented on our platform.

Successful Simulation of First PN532 Command

We’ve achieved a significant milestone by successfully simulating the first command of PN532.

Software Functionalities of NFC Emulator Ported

The functionalities of software grounded on NFC Emulator have been officially ported on our system.

Hardware Completion for PN532Killer-V1.0

The hardware for the PN532Killer-V1.0 version is now fully developed and set for further operations.

Initiation of PN532Killer Project

We have launched an innovative project named PN532Killer, and initial feasibility verification is now underway.