The functions of the PN532Killer device are updated frequently, and the new features mostly come with the firmware. Here’s the tutorial for upgrading the firmware of PN532Killer.

Upgrade the firmware on Android


  1. MTools App(Version Afte 20240611_R1)
  2. Android Phone OTG Support


  1. Connect PN532Killer in the MTools App via USB Cable
  2. Enter DFU Mode
  3. Select Firmware file
  4. Click Flash button

Upgrade the firmware on iOS


PN532Killer BLE Extension

MTools BLE (Comming soon)


Coming soon

Upgrade the firmware of PN532Killer on Windows


  1. Windows 10 or Windows11
  2. Driver of PN532Killer
  3. Ad15xTool


Install the driver of PN532Killer for Windows10

File Name: CH343SER.EXE

Connect PN532Killer to the Windows devices

Select the File of the latest firmware

File Type: bin

Click Start Update and wait for reboot

Ad15xTool Download

The Ad15xTool is the official Firmware Updating tool for PN532Killer

Firmware Download

The latest firmware of PN532Killer is published on Github.