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Learn how to start with PN532Killer for your RFID journey.

Discover the power of the PN532Killer device through our comprehensive tutorials. Suitable for both beginners and experienced users, our guides cover everything from getting started with your new device, to utilizing its features to their maximum potential.

  • PN532Killer on Windows

    The Windows Program for PN532Killer loads the config file in the same folder as the PN532Killer.exe file. Here’s the tutorial to connect PN532Killer to Windows. Install the driver Install the driver of CH343 which is the USB serial chip on PN532Killer. You can get it on the Downloads Page. Connect PN532Killer to Windows with a…

  • How to use Mfkey64

    Mfkey64 is a powerful tool for analyzing the keys for MIFARE Classic Tags. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss Mfkey64, how it works, its source code, how to retrieve Mfkey64 data using PN532Killer, and how to decode the data on Windows software. What is Mfkey64 Mfkey64 is an open-source software tool for finding keys to MIFARE…

  • How to use Mfkey32v2

    In contrast to Mfkey64, Mfkey32v2 can restore keys without the original tags, which is a significant advantage. This tutorial will cover how to use Mfkey32v2 with PN532Killer on the Windows Program and Android App. What is Mfkey32v2 To put it simply, Mfkey32v2 is a tool that helps to generate a Mifare Classic Card’s sector keys.…

  • How To Upload & Download Mifare Classic Dump

    PN532Killer supports Mifare Classic 1K Emulation in Tag Emulator mode. And here’s the tutorial to upload and download Mifare Classic Dump on it. PN532Killer Windows Program PN532Killer Android Program MTools App supports uploading the Mifare Dump to PN532Killer with one click. Connect to PN532Killer in MTools Choose slot of PN532Killer Connect to PN532Killer in MTools